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University College London - Development Planning Unit
Management and planning for development: international and national dimensions

This module introduces basic notions of development management and administration, state, market and bureaucracy, and the role of NGOs in the development process. It places national development in the context of the international division of labour and examines alternatives to hegemonic development practices. It critically reviews the recent history of international aid, particularly its implications for poverty reduction, growth and equity. The national dimensions of development are also critically explored, particularly in terms of a range of development trends and interventions such as national and regional development planning and key aspects of local, metropolitan and regional development.

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University College London - Development Planning Unit
Urban development and economics

Covers the following topics: prospect for development; economic growth and development ; the market economy and market forces; International trade and investment ; role of the state in economic development; trends in urbanisation and the effects of policies; migration; urban agglomeration economies and diseconomies, cities and structural adjustment; roles of multilateral development agencies and foreign aid; role of economic analysis in urban development;...

University College London - Development Planning Unit
 Development Workshop 1 -
Contemporary Conditions and Debates on Development and the Global System
Róbinson Rojas

 Development Workshop 2 -
Contemporary conditions and debates on development and the global system
A survey and critical analysis of the way in which the development discourse has been shaped by power relations within the global system
Róbinson Rojas

Microeconomics: an introduction
After a general introduction to the history of economic thought the focus of the module will be on the micro-economic theories of exchange, production and distribution, and the application of these theories to real world situations and, particularly to differentials of welfare in civil society. Special emphasis will be given to the influence of the state as the operator of markets and its new role in the age of "globalization"... It makes heavy use of information technology to familiarize the student with economic modelling and analysis.
Macroeconomics: an introduction
... introduces the students to the basic concepts of macroeconomic analysis and theory, and lays the foundation for management of the economy, which is concerned with the application of theoretical concepts to the study of macroeconomic policies. Also looks at the the interaction between economic policy on the one hand, and the balance of payment and exchange rates, on the other hand. Finally it includes a REVIEW of the current state of relationships between the major trading blocks (USA, Europe, and Japan), and Less Developed Countries.
Development Studies. Part 1
...introduces  the student to the study of the political economy of developing societies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America using comparative analysis to assess the effects of colonialism, both Western European and Japanese, and U.S. imperialism. It looks at contemporary problems of development in accordance with the mainstream theoretical tools: modernization theory and dependency theory. Emphasis on globalization allows a good understanding of the role of transnational corporations in the world economy.
Development Studies. Part 2
... it develops ideas and concepts  related to the study of less developed societies as part of a globalized political, economic, ideological and cultural system. The option addresses issues facing developing countries in the world political economy of the last half of the XX century and beyond. An analysis of compelling contemporary issues will be combined with an emphasis  on cultural, social and economic processes and change.
Development Studies. Part3
This module  introduce students to the political economy of the world economy as a discipline dealing with relations of dependency, interdependency and domination between nations. Two theoretical approaches: modernisation theory and dependency theory. A substantial section of the module  will be devoted to an assessment of the effects of colonisation, decolonisation, neo-colonisation and globalisation on the styles of development in Asian, African and Latin American societies.
Development Studies. Part 4
... it  provides  the student with a description, understanding and explaining of the central role of the state in the process of development, its relation with civil society, and especially its articulation with the world economy as dominated transnational corporations supported by their home countries' state. The module attempts to analyse the different styles of development based upon the triple alliance between the state, domestic capitalist class and international capitalist class
Research Methodology and Development Studies
Considering that research on development is focused on discrete but interrelated development issues at the micro and macro level (i.e., sustainability, globalization, poverty reduction, unequal social relations, structural adjustment, environmental protection, human development, participation, institutional development), which calls for a multidisciplinary perspective leading to the creation of interdisciplinary methods of interpretation and intervention as a complement to the methodologies applied by the individual disciplines involved, this module  makes use of quantitative and qualititative approaches to analyse the  process of scientific inquiry as related to development studies.
The process of globalization
A massive amount of high quality resources on the subject
Statistics and Databases

Róbinson Rojas (1997) on
Basic knowledge on economics
The capitalist economic problem: what to produce, how to produce, for whom to produce. Resource allocation: alternative approaches, the free market versus central planning. The meaning of "resource allocation" and the main alternative methods of allocating resources.
Concepts for Review: Economic resources, resource allocation, production possibility curves, supply, demand, competition, profitability and the free market, central planning and bureaucracy, factors of production,  distribution of income, factor mobility

Andre Gunder Frank Website
Important additional readings:
From Finance and Development - March 2006
Regressions: Why Are Economists Obsessed with Them?
Rodney Ramcharan
Regression analysis is a statistical tool used by economists to quantify the relationship between one variable and the other variables that are thought to explain it. These days, running thousands of regressions is commonplace and easy. But what exactly are regressions and what are their potential pitfalls?

Róbinson Rojas: Sustainable development in a globalized economy? The odds. 1999
Róbinson Rojas: Sustainable development in a globalized economy. 1997
Róbinson Rojas: Making sense of development studies
Róbinson Rojas: Notes on the philosophy of the capitalist system
Róbinson Rojas: Notes on economics: assuming scarcity
Róbinson Rojas: Notes on economics: about obscenities, poverty and inequality
Róbinson Rojas: Notes on structural adjustment programmes
Róbinson Rojas: Agenda 21 revisited (notes)
Róbinson Rojas: 15 years of monetarism in Latin America: time to scream
Róbinson Rojas: Latin America: a failed industrial revolution
Róbinson Rojas: Latin America: the making of a fractured society
Róbinson Rojas: Latin America: a dependent mode of production
Róbinson Rojas: The 'adjustment' of the world economy
Róbinson Rojas:
The transnational corporate system in the late 1990s
Róbinson Rojas:
A market-friendly strategy for development
Róbinson Rojas:
Notes on agribusiness in the 1990s
Róbinson Rojas:
Transnational corporations in developing countries
Róbinson Rojas:
Latin America: blockages to development

Róbinson Rojas: Development Studies: Researching for the big bosses?
Róbinson Rojas: International capital and intellectual dishonesty

From The New Scientist website
Special Reports on Key Topics in Science and Technology

Some Special Reports:
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