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From The World Bank
Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries- 2005
Editors: M. Ataman Aksoy and John C. Beghin
Agricultural Trade Reforms Key To Reducing Poverty
WASHINGTON, January 10, 2005 — With almost 70 percent of the poor people in developing countries living in rural areas, agricultural sector reforms - in particular global trade liberalization - will be crucial in giving them opportunities for better lives, according to a new World Bank report released today.
The report, Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries, edited by M. Ataman Aksoy and John C. Beghin, notes that despite the recent framework agreement in Geneva, agricultural protection continues to be among the most contentious issues in global trade negotiations. High protection of agriculture in industrial countries was the main cause of the breakdown of the Cancún Ministerial Meetings in 2003, and remains among the key outstanding issues in the Doha Round of global trade negotiations.

Full Text of the Report:

Complete Report as One File (2.7mb pdf)
Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, and Acronyms (227k pdf)

Introduction and Overview (117k pdf)
By M. Ataman Aksoy and John C. Beghin

Part I. Global Protection and Trade in Agriculture

The Evolution Of Agricultural Trade Flows (150k pdf)
By M. Ataman Aksoy

Global Agricultural Trade Policies (150k pdf)
By M. Ataman Aksoy

The Impact of Agricultural Trade Preferences, With Particular Attention To The Least-Developed Countries (165k pdf)
By Paul Brenton and Takako Ikezuki

Experience With Decoupling Agricultural Support (130k pdf)
By John Baffes and Harry de Gorter

Agro-food Exports From Developing Countries: The Challenges Posed By Standards (200k pdf)
By Steven M. Jaffee and Spencer Henson

Global Agricultural Reform: What Is At Stake (185k pdf)
By Dominique van der Mensbrugghe and John C. Beghin

Part II. The Commodity Studies

Sugar Policies: An Opportunity for Change (175k pdf)
By Donald O.Mitchell

Dairy: Assessing World Markets and Policy Reforms: Implications For Developing Countries (145k pdf)
By Tom Cox and Yong Zhu

Rice: Global Trade, Protectionist Policies, and the Impact of Trade Liberalization (150k pdf)
By Eric J.Wailes

Wheat: The Global Market, Policies, and Priorities (175k pdf)
By Donald O.Mitchell and Myles Mielke

Groundnut Policies, Global Trade Dynamics, and the Impact of Trade Liberalization (175k pdf)
By Ndiame Diop, John C. Beghin, and Mirvat Sewadeh

Fruits & Vegetables: Global Trade and Competition in Fresh and Processed Product Markets (175k pdf)
By Ndiame Diop and Steven M. Jaffee

Cotton: Market Setting, Trade Policies, and Issues (150k pdf)
By John Baffes

Seafood: Trade Liberalization and Impacts on Sustainability (180k pdf)
By Cathy A. Roheim

Coffee: Market Setting and Policies (140k pdf)
By John Baffes, Bryan Lewin, and Panos Varangis

Index (115k pdf)

Presentation on the report in PowerPoint (1.6mb) & PDF (90k pdf) formats

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