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Noam Chomsky interviewed by J. Paxman (BBC News, 21 May 2004)
The Bush Doctrine and crimes against humanity
"If George Bush were to be judged by the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunals, he'd be hanged. So too, mind you, would every single American President since the end of the second world war, including Jimmy Carter"

Warren Wagar
Eduard Prugovecki: A life in science and humanism
Margaret Prugovecki
W. Warren Wagar (1932-2004)
Goodbye compańero Andre Gunder Frank
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PFPC hosts papers and articles discussing the worldwide political, economic, ideological, social and environmental consequences of the contemporary US foreign policy built upon the concepts stated in the document "Rebuilding America's Defenses. Strategy, Forces and Resources for the New Century" (2000), whose authors are now well entrenched in the Pentagon, Department of State and some universities both in the USA and United Kingdom and trying to implement what they call "Project for the New American Century"(PNAC). PFPC was created with the aim of gathering public opinion leading to the creation of a wide united front to oppose US domination and preserve people's right to self determination as the first step towards creating a better world. We welcome papers and articles dealing with   the main issues arising from the praxis of the contemporary US imperialism, which is menacing the freedom of the whole world population, including US civil society.
(Dr. Róbinson Rojas, 1st May, 2003)