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The political economy of development
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The Trials of Henry Kissinger (1)
The Trials of Henry Kissinger (2)
Why has he got away with it?
Henry Kissinger is revered as a statesman, cosseted guest, star of the lecture circuit. He is also the one-time US Secretary of State who oversaw the destruction of civilian populations, the assassination of politicians and the kidnapping of those who got in his way - from Indochina to Cyprus, East Timor and, here, Chile. Christopher Hitchens lays the charges.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
---- The John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963. Almost 30 years later, Congress enacted the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. The Act mandated that all assassination-related material be housed in a single collection in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
The resulting Collection consists of more than 5 million pages of assassination-related records, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings and artifacts (approximately 2,000 cubic feet of records). Most of the records are open for research
The Warren Commission Report
President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, commonly called the Warren Commission, by Executive Order (E.O. 11130) on November 29, 1963. Its purpose was to investigate the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963, at Dallas, Texas. President Johnson directed the Commission to evaluate matters relating to the assassination and the subsequent killing of the alleged assassin, and to report its findings and conclusions to him.
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An alternative and more credible version of this assassination can be found in Róbinson Rojas, "Estos Mataron a Kennedy. Reportaje a un golpe de Estado", 1964, Ediciones Arco, Santiago de Chile. This book was then published in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain, where it reached more than 20 editions.

Paul Krugman Web Page (M.I.T.)
The Convention and Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change
Update on Ratification of the Convention
The Kyoto Protocol
Protocolo de Kyoto
Protocole de Kyoto
Democratic Rep. Korea (North Korea)
Republic of Korea (South Korea)