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Project for the New American Century

U.S. State Terrorism

Strategies for transition to a First People's Century

How G. W. Bush and his gang of state terrorists lied to the world to justify the invasion of Iraq

The forged intelligence dossier on Iraq

The US invasion of Iraq

The US war on Iraq (Le Monde Diplomatique)

War is a racket

World Crisis Web

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

U.S. Financial Aid to Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact

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US imperial army war crimes

A guide to memos on torture
Andre Gunder Frank website

Warren Wagar
Eduard Prugovecki: A life in science and humanism
Margaret Prugovecki
W. Warren Wagar (1932-2004)
Goodbye compańero Andre Gunder Frank
Samir Amin - Miguel A. Bernal - Theotonio Dos Santos - Barry K. Gills - Róbinson Rojas
- Jeff Sommers - Arno Tausch
7 June 2005
EuroMemorandum Group
European Economists  for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe
June 2005
After the French and Dutch No to the Constitution:
The EU needs a new economic and social development strategy.

  "The French and Dutch No to the Constitution opens  the window for a thorough reflection and public discussion about the way in which the people want to live in Europe. The majority of voters have rejected the elitist project of a European construction, which subordinates the democratic lives and material well-being of the people to the rules of markets and competition. They perceived European policies in their real lives as a threat to their economic and social welfare, as source of increasing insecurity for their work and incomes, as mounting inequality and injustice and as an obstacle to relevant democratic participation possibilities in the process of shaping a society which allows them to lead a free and independent life...".
15 June, 2004
Solidarity Petition  for Prof. Song Du-yul
I wonder if any of you could sign the attached petition with the protest against the "judicial" atrocity perpetrated currently against one of Korea's finest social scientists, Prof. Song Du-yul. Prof. Song, currently German citizen and one of the leaders of Korean democracy movement abroad and a well-known activist of Korean reunification, returned to his native South Korea last year after almost 37 years of German exile, only to be arrested and tried for the acts, which are not considered punishable either in Germany/EU or anywhere else - except South Korea (basically, unofficial contacts with North Korea and "benefiting North Korea by the unbalanced criticism of South Korea" - all those things are criminalized by S.Korea's draconian "National Security Law"). All the details on indictment/trial are available on www.freesong.de In March 2004, Prof. Song was sentenced to 7 years (!) - with Amnesty Int-l offering immediately a criticism of this atrocious "verdict" . Now, as the final appeal trial is expected in July, Prof. Song's mentor, Prof. Habermas, and many other prominent German intellectuals drafted the "Solidarity Petition", which is going to be submitted soon to South Korea's President and published in South Korean media. As always in such cases, every signature is important, and I ask all of you who agree with the petition's content, to sign it and send to Prof. Song's elder son, Dr. Dschun Song (edge@chemie.fu-berlin.de), who is leading the campaign for Prof. Song's release.
Best greetings,
Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja), Ass. Professor, Korean/East Asian Studies

Text of the Solidarity Petition
Sara Flounders:
Bertrand Russell Tribunal: Bush Cabal Plotted War on Iraq Years ago
Vote to Impeach George W. Bush
Impeach Bush: The Four Reasons
Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace
From Citizen.Org (California)
Action against Bechtel and the Corporate Invasion of Iraq
ISM nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
by a member of the House of Commons of Canada... Read Letter of Nomination
Peace Initiative of Turkey :
Never Again - Pre-emptive Peace as opposed to Pre-emptive war

Proposal to convene an international tribunal with final session in Istanbul - Turkey to hold the US & UK regimes to account for the crimes perpetrated against the people of Iraq and for the violation of humanitarian and international laws and values ... full text
S. Pitelli ( June 14, 2003 )
When Will House Republicans Call for Bush's Impeachment?
Harald T. Nesvik, a Right-wing Norwegian Member of Parliament, has nominated U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize for their "decisive action against terrorism". Sign this petition to tell you agree on rejecting Bush and Blair from Nobel Prize Nomination
Reject nomination of Blair and Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize
... Click here to sign
Urgent message from Cuba from M. Harnecker:
On dreams and nightmares...Sobre sueńos y pesadillas

Dear friends, the participants in the Conference" Carlos Marx and the challenges for the XXI Century" (La Habana, 5-10 May 2003) agreed on not ignoring the critical threat situation that Cuba lives after the war of Iraq. We consider that it was the hour of closing ranks around the revolution in which so many hopes are played. Here I send you a communicate that was signed by most of the participants and I want you to read it and if you agree sign it and circulate it. We are happy with the endorsement we have received already.... full text
Action for the Indictment of US-UK War-mongers
Conference of the European Network for Peace and Human Rights, European Parliament, rue Wiertz, Brussels, 26-27 June 2003

C.P. Scherrer ( June, 2003):

...Nuclear warfare is not a thing of the past. In 1991, after 46 years of shame, it was employed again by the same USA in Iraq. Over six weeks in 1991, US aircraft and missiles systematically destroyed lives and life-support systems in Iraq. An equally ferocious assault by the US air force in March-May 2003 was followed by the deployment of ground troops by the world’s mightiest nations against a country that had been thoroughly disarmed of its weapons of mass destruction by UN inspectors over the years! UK and US forces used massive amounts of extremely toxic and radioactive uranium in the heart of Iraqi cities. Uranium remains active for millions of years! Since 1991 the death toll has climbed exponentially and it is feared that it will climb even faster. Uranium kills over generations. It attacks the human DNS. Horrifically deformed babies are born.
Invasion of Iraq, the U.N., U.S. Unilateralism and Crimes against Humanity: Perspectives for Accountability
...full text
Institutions and Individuals Active in Indicting Bush-Blair et al
  • "Indict Bush-Blair for war crimes -- Sanctions vs. US-UK" to the Dialogue Webpage for Conflicts Worldwide at Click Here (reformulation of text circulated on the Abolition Caucus and Globenet lists on 22 March 2003).
  • Center for Constitutional Rights, Michael Ratner, president, New York, Click Here
  • Public Interest Lawyers, Phil Shiner, Studio 19  , 50-54 St Paul's square , Birmingham , B3 1QS, UK England, Click Here
  • Professor Hisakazu Fujita, International Law, Kasai University, Professor Kenji Urata, Waseda University, Tokyo, Click Here, former judge at International Court of Justice
  • Center for Economic and Social Rights, Roger Normand, 162 Montague St., 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11201, Click Here
  • World Citizens’ Tribunal (WOCIT), Rikio Kaneko, Click Here
  • Lelio Basso International Foundation for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples, Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, Via della Dogana Vecchia, 5 - 00186 Rome Italy, website: Click Here
  • Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI), Jonathan Stevenson, Click Here
  • "War crimes case planned against U.S", an article by Steven Edwards in the National Post, Toronto, April 15, 2003; the URL of the article is Click Here.

Important personalities to support the Indictment Campaign: Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant General Secretary; Philip Alston, NYU Law Professor; Hans von Sponeck, former UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq; Glen Rangwala, CASI; Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General