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Peace Initiative of Turkey


Justification:The act of aggression committed by the US administration and its collaborators against Iraq has gravely undermined the UN system and international laws, in fact it has practically rendered them unfunctional. The US doctrines of "pre-emptive war" and "full spectrum dominance" put into practice in total disregard for all international mechanisms designed to seek non-military methods to resolve international conflicts, constitute a threat to world peace in general and an immediate threat to peace in the Middle East in particular. As a follow up of this policy, the US has openly declared its intention to re-design the Middle Eastern map. We are all heading towards a new world-scale war for control over energy resources, a new war for hegemony.

Under the current conditions where international mechanisms for peace which uphold international humanitarian values have been rendered inoperative, the world public needs to create its alternative mechanisms to uphold and defend these values which are dear to all of us.

One very powerful way of achieving this is to hold an international tribunal which will examine the whole process and bring to light the crimes and violations committed by the forces of aggression and occupation. Such public highlighting and condemning of these crimes will show our determination not to go along with the US imposed fait d'accompli. The more we succeed in turning this tribunal into a broadly publicized and respectable hearing, the greater its power of deterrence shall be. This can discourage the belligerent powers from engaging in similar acts in the near future and it can help push the UN into devising proper ways and mechanisms to address such circumstances. The so-called "shock and awe" operation may not and should not have shocked and awed the activists of the anti-war movement, but it has shocked and awed:

the world public at large: They thought the world had created mechanisms to prevent new Hitlerites from dragging the world into full scale war and chaos at their own discretion. These mechanisms have failed them. Now they behold an unpredictable future where any belligerent power acting upon this example may cite its national security at risk and take action to "pre-empt" the threat. There is a feeling of helplessness and indignation. We must overcome the feeling of helplessness and strengthen the feeling of indignation. Our tribunal will present them with an alternative mechanism to uphold international law and values.

the UN: In this process, the UN has been effectively reduced to the state of an incapable and powerless institution. The strong statement to be put by a respectable international tribunal with representative power will push the UN out of its paralysis into action. Some very basic violations that have taken place include: the UN Charter, the Geneva Convention, the Human Rights Charter, etc. Many weapons which were outlawed by international treaties and conventions have been used, turning the land of Iraq into a toxic zone unfit for human life. If the UN cannot take action of itself, our tribunal can take the initiative and spell out all these and many more crimes one by one for all to see. Then, they will have to move and taking up from where we left, develop measures to solve the problem.

We need to show that peace and justice shall be upheld, that no one shall get away with committing injustice and destroying peace.

We propose that we convene the final session of this tribunal in Istanbul-Turkey.


The Middle East occupies a central place in the US plans for world hegemony. It is the theater of war. The initial target Iraq, and the next declared targets Syria and Iran are right on our borders. The best venue for such a tribunal would be Iraq, but the closest we can get there is Turkey.

The recent developments call for urgent and ever stronger solidarity between anti-war movements in the West and the Middle East. It would be a strong declaration of solidarity and coordination to hold these criminals to account in the Middle East which they are preparing to colonize. It will be a big moral support to all of our peoples an encouragement to our populations. It will materialize the bonds between the western activists and themselves and help them actually feel themselves part of a world movement opposing US hegemony and colonization plans.

This will also be a strong statement against scenarios trying to present and turn the current conflict into a so-called "clash of civilizations". The peoples of our region feel themselves under attack and alienated. The world's activists converging in Turkey and making it clear that this is a threat against the world as a whole and that we all stand united will help us all overcome this feeling.

Turkey is not a theoretical but a real cultural bridge between the East and the West and there is overwhelming popular opposition to this war in Turkey. It is this opposition which has pushed the Turkish parliament to reject the government bid to station 62.000 US troops in Turkey and to open the northern front for the US war in Iraq. It is true that Turkey has its human rights problems but this unprecedented popular opposition has resulted in the failure of a government, which has over two thirds majority in the parliament, to pass its bid.

Last, but not least is the fact that we are ready to host such an activity. We are ready to give secretarial support and to devote whatever time and effort is required.


We propose that the final tribunal convenes in late 2003-early 2004. One month for setting up the components of the tribunal. Time for initial preparations, investigations, etc. Preparatory sessions in different countries. With the cooperation of peace movements of those countries.

How do we envision this tribunal?

Composition of the tribunal + jury: world renown and respected jurists, people from all six continents with representative capacity, broadly acknowledged intellectuals.

Testimonies by: people from Iraq, journalists in Iraq (like Fisk, etc.), human shields, US diplomats and advisors who resigned (Ramsey Clark, etc.), UK minister who resigned, representatives of various communities and interest groups who have been adversely effected by the US policies of full spectrum dominance, pre-emptive warfare and support for brutal regimes (from Palestinians to Colombians and Venezuelans), people to testify to reveal the corporate interests/profits underlying the present policies, arms inspectors, people (preferably officials) to testify against the blackmail and bullying done by the US against other states (Turkish parliamentarians, Galloway, etc.), scientists on the effects of the weapons employed, testimonies singling out accomplices....

Visual material: photos, films, exhibitions revealing the extent of the carnage and destruction.



Site: a large conference hall. Open to public.
Not like an official court procedure. Flexible and open to interventions. But in an acceptable and respectable manner that will be acknowledged by the world. Lively, interactive but very keen on objective evaluation, orderly and cool. The event in itself and the bare truth is so powerful in this case that there should be little room for demonstration. The session may last 3-4 days. It would be better to conclude it within this 3-4 days or one week.

Peace Initiative of Turkey peaceturkey@ttnet.net.tr

Direct contact for this International Tribunal proposal: ayseberktay@superonline.com