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Casualties in Iraq
Iraq Body Count
The invasion of Irak ( 19 April 2003)
24 June 2005
Iraq, what price "victory"?
"Stay the course,"
said the Pied Piper of Hamelin

by Justin Raimondo
The cry is going up to get us out of Iraq , and just as surely – and loudly – the counter-cry is also rising: don't "cut and run!" The neoconservatives' big guns are being wheeled out, with David Brooks and Max Boot – pontificating from the pages of the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, respectively – firing up a bi-coastal barrage.
Sara Flounders:
Bertrand Russell Tribunal: Bush Cabal Plotted War on Iraq Years ago
D. Barstow et al (19 April 2004)
Security Companies: Shadow Soldiers in Iraq
They have come from all corners of the world. Former Navy Seal commandos from North Carolina. Gurkas from Nepal. Soldiers from South Africa's old apartheid government. They have come by the thousands, drawn to the dozens of private security companies that have set up shop in Baghdad. The most prized were plucked from the world's elite special forces units. Others may have been recruited from the local SWAT team.
N. Ferguson (18 April 2004)
The Last Iraqi Insurgency
From Ted Kennedy to the cover of Newsweek, we are being warned that Iraq has turned into a quagmire, George W. Bush's Vietnam. Learning from history is well and good, but such talk illustrates the dangers of learning from the wrong history. To understand what is going on in Iraq today, Americans need to go back to 1920, not 1970. And they need to get over the American inhibition about learning from non-American history.
P. Krugman (16 April 2004)
The Vietnam Analogy
Iraq isn't Vietnam. The most important difference is the death toll, which is only a small fraction of the carnage in Indochina. But there are also real parallels, and in some ways Iraq looks worse.
M. Chossudovsky (16 April 2004)
Iraq and the "War on Terrorism"

While the Western media highlights the death and "kidnapping" of paid mercenaries, on contract to Western security firms, there is a deafening silence on the massacre of more than 700 civilians in Fallujah by coalition forces.
J. Pilger (15 April 2004)
Iraq is a war of national liberation
"Were I to undertake the same journey in Iraq today, I might not return alive. Foreign terrorists have ensured that. With the most lethal weapons that billions of dollars can buy, and the threats of their cowboy generals and the panic-stricken brutality of their foot soldiers, more than 120,000 of these invaders have ripped up the fabric of a nation that survived the years of Saddam Hussein, just as they oversaw the destruction of its artefacts. They have brought to Iraq a daily, murderous violence which surpasses that of a tyrant who never promised a fake democracy".
M. Dowd (8 April 2004)
The Iraqi Inversion
Every single thing the administration calculated would happen in Iraq has turned out the opposite. The W.M.D. that supposedly threatened us did not exist. The dangerous dictator was deluded and writing romance novels. The terrorism that would be thwarted has mushroomed in Iraq and is feeding Arab radicalism.
J. Risen (8 April 2004)
Account of Broad Shiite Revolt Contradicts White House Stand
United States forces are confronting a broad-based Shiite uprising that goes well beyond supporters of one militant Islamic cleric who has been the focus of American counterinsurgency efforts, United States intelligence officials said Wednesday.
N. Morris (Feb. 16, 2004)
Tutu tells Blair: apologise for 'inmoral' war
D. Morris ( February 3, 2004 )
Faulty intelligence my eye
Sen. E. M. Kennedy (January 15, 2004):
Faith Broken, Truth Distorted
In its arrogant disrespect for the United Nations and for other peoples in other lands, this Administration and this Congress have squandered the immense goodwill that other nations extended to our country after the terrorist attacks of September 11. And in the process, they made America a lesser and a less respected land.
N.Y.T. (04/01/04)
G.I. is wounded by mortar fire at Iraq base. 2 others wounded
R. Scheer (AlterNet)
( 11 November 2003 )

Scheer: Mr. President, you're no Moses
...It takes stunning arrogance for a president to invade an oil-rich, politically strategic country on the basis of demonstrable lies, put his favorite companies in control of its economic future, create a puppet regime to do his bidding and then claim, as George Bush did last week in a speech, that this is all a bold exercise in spreading democracy. ...
J. Risen (The New York Times)
( 6 November 2003 )

Iraq said to have tried to reach last-minute deal to avert war
...As American soldiers massed on the Iraqi border in March and diplomats argued about war, an influential adviser to the Pentagon received a secret message from a Lebanese-American businessman: Saddam Hussein wanted to make a deal. Iraqi officials, including the chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, had told the businessman that they wanted Washington to know that Iraq no longer had weapons of mass destruction, and they offered to allow American troops and experts to conduct a search...
M. Chossudovsky ( 28 October 2003 )
Who was behind the attack on the Red Cross in Baghdad?
"All that is necessary for the forces of evil to prevail in the world is for enough good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke (British eighteenth century statesman)

I. Ramonet (July, 2003)
Bush and his entourage have deceived Americans and world public opinion. As Professor Paul Krugman says, their lies are "the worst scandal in American political history, worse than Watergate, worse than Iran-contra"
State-sponsored lies
From The New York Times
P. Krugman (3 June, 2003)

Standard Operating Procedure
P. Krugman (15 July, 2003)
Patterns of Corruption
P. Krugman (18 July, 2003)
Passing it along
A. Roufberg (July, 2003)
Another theory: critique of a hyper-paranoid Neo-Conspiracy theorist

M. R. Gordon, 19 July 2003
The disclosure of the plan is part of an assessment prepared by General Moseley on the lessons of the war with Iraq. General Moseley and a senior aide presented their assessments at an internal briefing for American and allied military officers at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada on Thursday ...
U.S. Air Raids in '02 Prepared for War in Iraq

By The New York Times
In Sketchy Data, White House Sought Clues to Gauge Threat

London, 18 July 2003
MPs have reacted with shock and disbelief at the discovery of a body in the search for missing Iraq weapons expert Dr David Kelly. ...
WMD expert is found dead

MPs shocked by expert dissapearance

Tragedy prompt hard questions

MoD to hold inquiry into Kelly death

Blair tries to switch Iraq agenda

US faces up to guerrilla war

"Time running out" to secure Iraq

I. Williams, 16 July 2003
Now, the continuing embarrassment of the absence of any credible signs of missing weapons or imaginary links with Al Qaeda is exacerbated by the question of who knew, and when, that the documents about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger were fakes. The shame is going to mount, ...
Real War - Virtual Weapons?

D. Sanger, 14 July 2003
"A lot of bull," Mr. Fleischer said about that accusation today, with the candor of a man about to go to the private sector. Inside the C.I.A. and the State Department, though, many are still asking how a White House aware of the doubts could have shown such caution in October, and thrown it to the winds in January. ...
A shifting spotlight on Uranium sales

BBC News, 13 July 2003
The former head of the UN weapons inspectors Hans Blix has told a British newspaper that Tony Blair made a "fundamental mistake" in claiming that Saddam Hussein could deploy weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes. ...
Blair made WMD mistake says Blix

The Observer, 13 July 2003
In a remarkable letter released last night, the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, reveals a catalogue of disputes between the two countries, lending more ammunition to critics of the war and exerting fresh pressure on the Prime Minister ...
Blair ignored CIA weapons warning

The Guardian, 12 July 2003
From the start, the invasion of Iraq was seen in the US as a marketing project. Selling 'Brand America' abroad was an abject failure; but at home, it worked. Manufacturers of 4x4s, oil prospectors, the nuclear power industry, politicians keen to roll back civil liberties - all seized the moment to capitalise on the war. PR analysts Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber explain how it worked. ...
Trading on Fear

M. Fareel, 11 July 2003
Americans aren't the only ones dying for Bush's sins, of course. Thousands of Iraqis perished in the war and others were blinded, maimed and orphaned. And though many rightfully argue that Iraqis would continue to be tortured had Saddam stayed in power, those who use Saddam's cruelty as justification for the lies that usurped our democracy often sidestep crucial information ...
How the land of the free became a dinosaur in the tar pit

D. Corn, 9 July 2003
...developing weapons is not the same as possessing weapons. Bush and his advisers did not argue that the United States was compelled to go to war – rather than support more intrusive inspections – because Hussein had ongoing weapons programs; they claimed the United States had to invade because it was imminently threatened by actual weapons that were in Hussein's mitts (and that he could slip at any moment to his partners in al Qaeda).
More evidence Bush misled nation

Published on 7 July 2003
by the authority of the House of Commons
United Kingdom
House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committe
The Decision to go to War in Iraq

T. Hayden( July 07, 2003 )
Say It: this is a Quagmire

The Observer ( July 06, 2003 )
Iraq: the human toll

From ATTAC ( 28 May, 2003) :
G-World Declaration

full text
New York Times ( 26 May, 2003) :
Iraquis Frustrated by Shift Favouring U.S. - British Rule

full text
P. Escobar:

The roving eye. Iraq showdown: winners and losers

...European diplomats in Geneva and Brussels are very much aware of the triumph of the Rumsfeld doctrine over that of Secretary of State Colin Powell. But they wonder whether the US can really be a winner in the new equation. ... full text
In 1991, A. G. Frank published a paper entitled "Third World War: a political economy of the Gulf War and new world order". On June this year, 12 years and three imperialist wars after, G. Thomas published an article on the subject which confirms Andre's analysis. I post both pieces below. They contribute to make clear how menacing for the survival of people's freedom the US imperialism is becoming.
(Róbinson Rojas, 21 July 2003)

G. Thomas, 29 June 2003
...Former CIA Director James Woolsey, in a recent speech in Los Angeles, said: “The Iraq campaign is really just the start of the Third World War and one that may well last for decades.” ...
Global War Looms?

A.G. Frank (1991):

"The Gulf War may be termed THIRD WORLD WAR in two senses of this title: First, this war aligned the rich North, the rich oil emirates or kingdoms, and some bribed regional oligarchies against a poor Third World country. In that sense, the Gulf War was a THIRD WORLD WAR by the North against the South..."..."The second sense of THIRD WORLD WAR is that the Gulf War may dangerously mark the brutal beginning of a THIRD WORLD WAR, following upon the First and Second World Wars. Not only was the tonnage of bombs dropped on Iraq of world war proportions. The Gulf War and the New World Order it was meant to launch signify the renewed recourse by a world wide "coalition of allies" to mass destruction of infrastructure and mass annihilation of human beings"...
Third World War:
A political economy of the Gulf War and new world order

(with a 2003 EPILOGUE)

BBC News (7 September 2003 )
Al-Qaeda denies Iraq attack

The organisation blamed the killing of Ayatollah Hakim on "the Americans and Jews", who wanted to "get rid of him, for they knew about his loyalty to Iran". ...

full text

BBC News (7 September 2003 )
Hutton enquiry: key documents

Thousands of documents have been submitted to the Hutton inquiry into the death of government weapons expert Dr David Kelly. ...

full text

The New York Times (24 August 2003)
Rumsfeld Seeking to Bolster Force Without New G.I.'s
Senators on Both Sides See Need for More Troops in Iraq

A. Gunder Frank ( August , 2003 )
The meaning of violence to meaning

Saving Civilization, as British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush keep claiming to be doing, is an oxymoron. To begin with, what they really mean is WESTERN civilization. Of that, Gandhi already said a half century ago, that its mere existence would be a good idea. Only a few years before that, Hitler claimed that his invasion of Russia was to save Western Civilization. That cost the Russians 40 million lives and the Jews 6 million. Today, as in Vietnam a generation ago, the government of the United States and its allies' effort to ''save" civilization is DESTROYING it, or at least its most precious legacy...
full text

S. J. Kerr (6 August 2003)
...It truly is "déją vu all over again." Today, the US Army describes itself in Iraq as "a magnet for terrorism," while it is becoming clear to many that American policies are not making Americans safer, but rather endangering the entire planet as America's increasing energy dependence to maintain its obscene consumption levels demands the violent expropriation of the wealth of other societies; ultimately futile investments in death.
The end?

S. Gardner (6 August 2003)
...One unanticipated consequence of the Iraq conflict and the subsequent war of words is that intelligence has been made to look stupid – or at least, it has been shown that intelligence can be used in stupid ways. Another consequence, however, has gone largely unremarked: The Iraq war has blown a big hole in the Bush administration's infamous and poorly thought-out doctrine of pre-emption.
Goodby 'Hot Preemption'

Associated Press (5 August 2003)
Report: Marines dropped devices similar to Napalm on Iraqi troops

G. Palast (1 August 2003)
...Well, well, well. President George was in one hell of bind this week when it turned that that Saudi Arabia funded Al Qaeda, not Iraq. Realizing we'd invaded the wrong country, Bush did the honorable thing: he's come out against gay marriages.
Bush and the Saudis Sittin' in a Tree . . . KAY EYE ESS ESS EYE EN GEE

R. McGovern (31 July 2003)
When Vice President Dick Cheney comes out of seclusion to brand critics "irresponsible," you know the administration is running scared. ...
Cheney's 'irresponsible' speech

S. Rampton/J. Stauber (28 July 2003)
Editor's Note: This is an edited excerpt from the newly released book "Weapons of Mass Deception: the Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq", by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber..
The fog of war talk

S. Kretzmann and J. Valette (24 July 2003)
During the initial assault on Baghdad, soldiers set up forward bases named Camp Shell and Camp Exxon. Those soldiers knew the score, even if the Pentagon's talking points dismissed any ties between Iraqi oil and their blood.
Operation Oily Immunity

Michael Z (19 July 2003)
History forgave Churchill why not Blair and Bush?

J. Van Bergen/C. B. Gittings (14 July 2003)
Bush war: military necessity or war crimes?

I. Ramonet
Transition to an empire
When General Jay Garner landed in Iraq and arrived in bombed and looted Baghdad he declared: "This is a great day." As if his presence miraculously ended the thousand and one problems afflicting ancient Mesopotamia. What is astonishing is not the obscenity of the statement but the resignation ... full text
A. Lieven (2002):
The push for war
...The most surprising thing about the Bush Administration's plan to invade Iraq is not that it is destructive of international order; or wicked, when we consider the role the US (and Britain) have played, and continue to play, in the Middle East; or opposed by the great majority of the international community; or seemingly contrary to some of the basic needs of the war against terrorism .... full text
G. Olson ( 1 July, 2003 )
Iraq Eerily Starting to look a lot like Vietnam

...Given that the weapons of mass destruction rationale for invading Iraq has been shown to be the biggest intelligence hoax in recent history, why aren't Americans more outraged and holding the Bush administration accountable for its pattern of lies, deception and deceit?
full text

Col D. Smith (Ret.) ( 1 July, 2003 )
Iraq: descending into the quagmire

Between May 1, when President Bush declared that major combat in Iraq was over, and June 26, 57 U.S. and eight UK military personnel have died in Iraq. That is more than one death every day. To the U.S. and UK toll must be added the sometimes tens or scores of Iraqis, both Saddamists--military, intelligence, fedayeen, non-Iraqi volunteers--and innocent civilians. ...
full text

J. Lobe ( June 12, 2003 )
Pentagon Moving Swiftly to Become "Globocop"

Much like its successful military campaign in Iraq, the Pentagon is moving at breakneck speed to redeploy U.S. forces and equipment around the world in ways that will permit Washington to play "Globocop," according to a number of statements by top officials and defense planners. While preparing sharp reductions in forces in Germany, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, ...
full text

R. M. Bennett ( June 20, 2003 )
US wages war from within Iran

With commendable stupidity usually only reserved for the most powerful and isolated from reality, President George W Bush has managed to go some way towards repeating the catastrophic mistakes of Lyndon Johnson and ensnare the United States in an increasingly unpopular and probably unwinnable foreign military involvement. Just two months after the sudden collapse of organized Iraqi resistance to the US-led invasion, US troops are back in a Vietnam-scenario with the ambushing of military convoys, the regular use of grenades and rocket launchers against isolated American targets and indeed suicide bombers ...
full text

G. Friedman ( 18 June, 2003):
The United States is now clearly involved in a guerrilla war in the Sunni regions of Iraq. As a result, U.S. forces are engaging in counterinsurgency operations, which historically have proven most difficult and trying -- for both American forces and American politics.
Guerrilla War in Iraq
...full text
Col. D. Smith (Ret.) ( 17 June, 2003):
In fact, with each passing day, it is becoming more painfully obvious that the main categorical accusations against the regime of Saddam Hussein used by U.S. President George W. Bush and other senior administration officials to justify the war on Iraq simply are unsupported by facts on the ground. And because the rhetoric in the run-up to war appealed to the world to recognize the U.S. action within a religious-based paradigm...
Iraq: integrity and ethics in formulating and interpreting intelligence
...full text
R. Rojas ( 13 June, 2003):
The evidence is overwhelming: Saddam Hussein's biological weapons of mass destruction capability was possible because U.S. big corporations and political leaders were doing business with the dictator.
U.S. corporations, Rumsfeld, Reagan, et al, the criminals who supplied Saddam Hussein with biological warfare-related material
...full text
Newsweek ( 9 June, 2003):
The message was plain: Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction made war unavoidable. So where are they? Inside the administration’s civil war over intel
Where are Iraq's WMDs?
...full text
New York Times ( 13 June, 2003):
President Bush cannot be pleased to know that his State of the Union address last January included an ominous report about Iraq that turns out to have been based on forged documents. The incident is an embarrassment for Mr. Bush and for the nation, ...
The Vanishing Uranium
...full text
New York Times ( 8 June, 2003):
We are as pleased as anyone to see Saddam Hussein removed from power, but the United States cannot now simply erase from the record the Bush administration's dire warnings about the Iraqi weapons threat. The good word of the United States is too central to America's leadership abroad — and to President Bush's dubious doctrine of pre-emptive warfare — to be treated so cavalierly.
Was the intelligence cooked?
...full text
G. Friedman ( 5 June, 2003):
..."Weapons of mass destruction" is promising to live up to its name: The issue may well result in the mass destruction of senior British and American officials who used concerns about WMD in Iraq as the primary, public justification for going to war. The simple fact is that no one has found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and ...
... full text
G. Wright ( 4 June, 2003):
...Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading White House hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war. The US deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz - who has already undermined Tony Blair's position over weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by describing ...
Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil
... full text
W. D. Hartung
Bombing bring U.S. 'Executive Mercenaries' into the light

(May 16, 2003) You had probably never heard of the Vinnell Corp. before the brutal bombing that killed at least nine of its employees in Saudi Arabia this week, but you should have ... full text
R. Cornwell
Fallout of America's vain hunt for WMD confined to embarrassment

"We came to bear country, we came loaded for bear and we found out the bear wasn't here," said Colonel Richard McPhee, a member of Task Force 75, which went in with US troops to find and display the hidden WMD. Force 75 will be pulled out of Iraq next month ... full text
Tariq Ali
Re-colonizing Iraq
The American expedition to Baghdad, and world-wide reactions to the new imperium. From mass demonstrations against the war to the diplomatic hypocrisies colluding with it. The UN as framework of blockade and intervention yesterday, and mask of reconstruction tomorrow ...