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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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International Reports
Research Methods
Rural Development
Refugee Studies Programme
World Resources 1998-99: Data Tables
World Resources 1998-99: Global Trends
Informe de la Comision Nacional de Verdad y Reconciliación (1991)
(Informe Rettig. Chile)
Report by the Committee on Truth and Reconciliation (1991)
(Rettig Report. Chile)
World's richest people (FORBES)
REPORTS.-Science from the developing world
Reith Lectures:
Reith 2007 ( Bursting at the seams; Jeffrey Sachs)
Reith 2006 (In the beginning was sound; Daniel Barenboim)
Reith 2005 ( The triumph of technology; Lord Broers)
Reith 2004 (Climate of Fear; Wole Soyinka)
Reith 2003  (The emerging mind; Vilayanur S. Ramachandran)
Reith 2002  (A question of trust, Onora O'Neill)
Reith 2001  (The end of age; Tom Kirkwoog)
Reith 2000  (Respect for the Earth; Vanadana Shiva et al)
Reith 1999   (Runaway World; Anthony Giddens)
From the
School of Mathematics and Statistics - University of St Andrews, Scotland

History Topics:
Mathematical Physics Index
General relativity
History of Quantum mechanics
Orbits and gravitation
Special relativity
Topology and Scottish mathematical physics
Light: Ancient Greece to Maxwell
Light in the relativistic and quantum era
History of Time: Classic time
History of Time: 20th Century time
Newton's bucket
Wave versus matrix mechanics
Kepler's planetary laws

Mathematics in various cultures

Ancient Babylonian mathematics
Ancient Egyptian mathematics
Ancient Greek mathematics
Arabic mathematics
Chinese mathematics
Indian mathematics
Mayan mathematics
American mathematics
Mathematics in Scotland

Mathematical topics
Overview of the history of mathematics
Numbers and number theory
Geometry and topology
Mathematical physics
Mathematical astronomy
Mathematical education
Other Topics:
Ledermann's St Andrews interview
English attack on the Longitude Problem
Longitude and the Académie Royale
Mathematical games and recreations
Memory, mental arithmetic and mathematics
Thomas Harriot's manuscripts
Thomas Hirst's diary comments
Architecture and Mathematics
Christianity and Mathematics
The brachistochrone problem
The Scottish Book
Forgery and Chasles
Forgery and the Berlin Academy
Mathematics and the physical world
Debating topics on mathematics
Art and mathematics - perspective
The Weil family
Poincaré - Inspector of mines
Bernard Bolzano's manuscripts
Bourbaki: the pre-war years
Bourbaki: the post-war years
London Coffee houses and mathematics  
Statistical material  

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