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The Chilean Armed Forces:
 training dogs to rape political prisoners
(Róbinson Rojas)(1998)

On November 9, 1998, the House of Lords in London heard how the
military secret police and the civilian secret police in Chile, between
1973 (October) and 1990, were under the direct command of the dictator
Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet and the rest of the Chilean generals were directly involved in
murdering and torturing political prisoners. They gave the orders for
having the political dissidents in hell. The following illustrates the
methods used by these criminals:

Below there is short translation from the report by the Committee on
Truth and Reconciliation, headed by Raul Rettig. This section
gives a summary of the techniques utilised systematically by
Pinochet's secret police since the end of 1973 until 1990.
Military and civilian interrogators used the following methods of
torture to extort confessions and prepare reports on internal
security to be assessed by the generals. The methods were aproved by
Augusto Pinochet:

 1.- Both men and women are given electric shocks in the
     genitals. This happens on a metal bed to which the
     naked victim is bound with his/her arms and legs
     spread apart. This torture is called "roasting".
 2.- Blows are dealt to all parts of the body an in many
     cases this results in the deliberate rupture of the
 3.- The victim receives burns to parts of the body by
     cigarettes or other forms of direct naked flame.
 4.- The person to be interrogated has his/her nose and
     mouth blocked in order to bring on suffocation.
 5.- For periods at a time the prisoner's head is put into
     a bucket filled with water or excrement.
 6.- Women detainees are raped.
 7.- Women detainees are forced to have sexual intercourse
     with dogs.
 8.- Hot iron objects are inserted into the vagina of women.
 9.- Iron objects are inserted into the victim's anus.
10.- Detainees are made to comply by threats that if they
     refuse to make any statement their families will be
     tortured. Sometimes these threats are really carried
11.- Pharmaceutical products, especially drugs, are
     commonly used in the interrogations.
12.- Hypnosis is part of the interrogation procedure.

(Translated by Dr. Róbinson Rojas)

From Róbinson Rojas, "The Murder of Allende and the end of the
                      Chilean Way to Socialism", Harper and Row,
                      New York, 1975.

Chapter 6, The Inferno, pages 206-207:

 The military torture teams, graduates of the Americas School in the
Canal Zone, have revealed a degree of human bestiality with Chilean
women that puts them way ahead of their American trainers.
 A woman professor at the East santiago campus of the University of
Chile, married, with two children, was detained for forty days in
the National Stadium. She wrote me this about the "female prisoners
of war":

They were obliged to remain all day long face down with their hands
on their necks and their legs spread...There were lines of them
kneeling or standing against the walls, and at the slightest movement
they were struck or kicked -and, in several cases I saw, shot. In
rooms fifteen by eighteen feet there were a hundred women. Food came
only once a day, at 4 or 5 P.M. There were mainly two groups of
women: workers and university professors. Girls and women were
harassed, obliged to disrobe, manhandled, and insulted as a preamble
to the interrogations. The academics among us had been taken out of
our classrooms at gunpoint. One group of schoolteachers had a
typically sad experience: at the investigatory commission one of them
had her hair cropped off...then at Los Cerros de Chena, the eyes
were always blindfolded. To go to the bathroom, they had to be
accompanied by guards who took the opportunity to manhandle and beat
them. They were interrogated naked. Electric current was applied to
the mouth, hands, nipples, vagina. Water was poured over their bodies
to intensify the pain. The language used with them was completely
degenerate; they were forced to repeat, over and over: "I am a cunt,
I am a cunt..." A hospital technician was taken to the Quinta Normal
naval enclosure. She was kept there for three days without sleep, and
subjected to electric tortures every few hours. She also had
electricity applied to her vagina. Afterward they brought her to the
National Stadium. She was taken for interrogation there too,
blindfolded as others were. This time she apparently was taken to
the cycle track, where by then the torture chamber had been
installed. Besides electric shocks, this time she was forced to take
something in her hand. They had given her an injection, which she
guessed was Sodium Pentothal, and it had made her dizzy, but she was
still conscious. At once she realized the object was a penis which,
on contact with her hand, became erect. They thrust it into her
mouth, where it ejaculated."

I have other memoranda from women prisoners who were able to write
to me afterward. Essentially they tell the same story..."They
stretched the women out on tables and dripped candle wax on their
stomachs"..."There were rapes, either in groups or individually.
'Move, you Marxist whore,' they would tell the victims. 'If you don't
respond you're going to have to suck cock, even for General Pinochet,
you shitty whore.'""Some officers started by sticking their fingers
in my vagina, hoping to excite me...."...There are plenty of examples
...The cemeteries of Chile are filled with mutilated corpses".