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Clinton is Tragically Ironical


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Subject: Clinton is Tragically Ironical 

--  but again does not seem to realize it as when he condemned
others throwing bomb in Colorado while he was himself throwing them 
in Yugoslavia. Note agxain his double standard of asserting that 
what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander, or rather them
other way around.

The New York Times
May 14, 1999

Clinton's Remarks in Defense of Military Intervention in Balkans

Nobody claims that we can make everyone love each other overnight. That is
not required. But what is required are basic norms of civilized conduct.
 .. .But the cycle of violence has to end. The children of
the Balkans, all of them, deserve the chance to grow up without fear.... 
The real enemy is a poisonous hatred unleashed by cynical leaders based on
a distorted view of what constitutes real national greatness. . . .

Editorial comment: we may only hope that these wise last words be 
taken to heart by people at the White House, Congress, and Pentagon who
have repeatedly proclaimed that 'our' national honor and credibility is
at stake now.

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