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From Cluster Bombs to Land Mines - All Illegal, Excerpt

Stop using cluster bombs, says Human Rights Watch
                       Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged NATO to stop using
                       bombs yesterday. Unlike conventional bombs, cluster
bombs break up
                       mid-flight and drop hundreds of small bomblets that
explode on
                       impact. The goal is to create a wide area of
destruction, and they do a
                       good job of that. The problem is that many of the
bomblets fail to
                       explode on impact. 

                       Those "duds", according to HRW, "effectively turn
into landmines...and
                       can kill civilians even years after the conflict
has ended." There's also
                       one particularly sad note to add about the bombs:
Some American
                       journalists in Yugoslavia have noticed that
children make up a
                       disproportionate number of the victims killed. It
turns out the small
                       bombs are brightly colored and sometimes mistaken
for toys. 

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