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why bomb? the answer from the horse's mouth


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Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 02:39:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gunder Frank <agfrank@chass.utoronto.ca>
To: agf <agfrank@chass.utoronto.ca>
Subject: why bomb?

Belgrade -- Hats off to Lieutenant-General Michael C. Short of the
United States Air Force. Thanks to Lt.-Gen. Short, NATO's claim
that the air war in Yugoslavia is not directed at civilians has been
stripped of its last shreds of credibility.
        When he sat down for an interview with The Washington Post
last weekend, the general made it plain that the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization is trying to do much more than just hurt the
Yugoslav military when it bombs bridges, power plants and water-
pumping stations. It is trying to break the will of the Serbian people
and foment an uprising against President Slobodan Milosevic.

       Here is what he said about how he hoped Serbs would react to
the devastation of their country. "If you wake up in the morning
and you have no power to your house and no gas to your stove and
the bridge you take to work is down and will be lying in the Danube
for the next 20 years, I think you begin to ask, 'Hey, Slobo, what's
this all about? How much more of this do we have to withstand?'
And at some point, you make the transition from applauding Serb
machismo against the world to thinking what your country is going
to look like if this continues."
        There you have it, straight from the man in charge of the air
campaign. This is no longer a short-term air strike against the
Yugoslav government, as it began, or even a long-term campaign
against the Yugoslav military, as it became. It is a war of attrition
against the whole Serbian nation. The aim is to make ordinary
people so miserable, so afraid and so discouraged that they will rise
up in anger against Mr. Milosevic and force him to pull out of
Kosovo. If NATO's generals can't do the job, the Serbs will do it
for them.

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