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Radioactive Macedonia


 Radioactivity in Macedonia 8 Times Above Normal

LONDON, May 25 - TiM's sources in Britain say that Channel 4, a major TV
network in the U.K., reported during its May 15 prime time newscast
radioactivity in Macedonia, a neighboring country to Serbia, has been
measured to be eight times higher than normal, due to NATO's bombing of
Serbia.  The lab tests were carried out in Bulgaria, the Channel 4 said,
also citing opinions by scientists, such as Dr. Klaus Dodds of the London

The Channel 4 reported linked the increased radioactivity to NATO's use of
the depleted uranium bombs.  It also said that the air in many Balkan
states around Serbia has been contaminated with carcinogenic toxins
released into the atmosphere following NATO's bombing of chemical plants

The British TV report also said that much of the fish stock in the Danube
is now poisoned.

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