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Depleted Uranium - A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Dr. Rosalie Bertell is one of the world's leading authorities on
health effects of low level radiation. For a decade she worked for
the US National Cancer Institute and for 30 years has been in the
forefront of research on the effects of low level radiation on human
health. In 1984 she founded the International Institute of Concern
for Public Health in Toronto.

For further background on Dr. Bertell see : "Dr. Rosalie Bertell - A
Great Humanitarian & Scientist" http://news.flora.org/flora.mai-not/11275
 We actually have tested some of the [Iraq War ] veterans
here in Canada and we have found Depleted Uranium in their urine
at quite a high level and remember this is 9 years after their
exposure which means that the amount that they are now excreting
is nothing compared to what the original dose was.

There has been quite a dispute, which some of you may know, since
the war is on in Kosovo whether or not Depleted Uranium
ammunition was being used. In a sense this adds to the problem but
you should know that every Cruise missile contains Depleted
Uranium ballast and when that missile impacts that ballast is again
aerosolized into very small particles of uranium glass that can be
breathed in and it will stay in body 10 years or more and it keeps
irradiating the tissue around it wherever it is in the body!!

Canada has been an international leader against land mines but this
depleted uranium is worse than land mines and it will stay around
for thousands of years after the war is over. It is incorporated into
the farm land; it can be picked up by the vegetables; ...

In 1996 this issue was brought before the Human Rights Tribunal in
Geneva and the Tribunal condemned it as warfare. They actually
called Depleted Uranium a weapon of mass destruction. I think it


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