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NOTE: The source for the following article is Stratfor <www.stratfor.com>
an  independent intelligence company.  The CIA claims that the mistaken
bombing of the Chinese embassy occurred because they used old maps (from
1992) which indicated that the Chinese embassy was in a different part of
Belgrade.  The problem with this is that the place where the Chinese
Embassy stands was a vacant lot before 1996.  Thus, if the CIA version
were true, it would indicate that NATO for some reason targets vacant
lots in Belgrade...

This report has links for you to view the maps yourself.

The old map theory is preposterous. It assumes first that the target was
an empty lot and second that NATO is flying air strikes based on maps
alone. What is truly puzzling is that these explanations are so utterly
unbelievable that they are clearly intended to be seen through....
Now the NATO statement that there was no pilot error and the admission
that an old map was being used are completely incompatible. If we are to
believe both these claims, then we must assume that the target was a
vacant lot. That is possible, assuming there was a bunker there. However,
NATO has leaked to the New York Times that the strike was delivered by
B-2 bombers using laser guided missiles. That means that someone had to fix a
laser beam on the target. They would probably have noticed that the empty lot
now had a large building on it.

This is really getting ridiculous. Pilots using laser guided munitions
areprobably provided with detailed photographs of the building to be struck
along with instructions of the optimal point of impact if they are doing
the lasing.... 

We can understand how the accident happened much
better than we can understand the increasingly bizarre explanations.
As we move further from the event and more information becomes available,
everything makes less sense.

NATO has said it would give out no further information. Given what it has
handed out so far, we think silence is an outstanding idea.

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