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Yugoslavia in the good ol' days


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Subject: Yugoslavia in teh good ol' days

Warren Wagar writes -and corrects some of the media distoritions of

        Back to Kosovo.  I traveled through Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro,
and Bosnia in the summer of 1958, mostly camping out along the side of the
road.  The Titoist regime, for all its egregious faults, had done its best
to dampen and stifle ethnic rivalry.  Experiments in worker co-management
had given encouraging substance to the dream of a democratic and socialist
future for all the people of Yugoslavia.  Kosovo was an autonomous region
of Serbia, and although poor, was benefitting to some extent from the
surging economic growth rate of the country as a whole.  Everywhere I went
I was delighted by the warmth and hospitality of the Yugoslav people, and
impressed by their material progress, the apparent abatement of ethnic
bigotry, the high rate of intermarriage, the stunning beauty of the cities
and landscape, and the decline of religious fervor and fanaticism evident
in all the republics.  And of course I was entirely supportive of
Belgrade's policy of non-alignment in the Cold War.  Yugoslavia was a
beacon of sanity and progress in the Balkans.

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