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Death,Injury,Damage:Yugoslav Summary to 24 April


>From the onset of NATO aggression against our country up to 24 April 1999,
the North Atlantic Alliance made over 10 000 criminal attacks against the
territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In air strikes were used:
806 warplanes (of which over 530 combat planes) and 206 helicopters
stationed in 30 air-bases (situated in 5 states) and on 6 warships in the
Adriatic sea. More than 2500 cruise missiles were launched and over 7,000
tons of explosives were dropped.
        About 1000 civilians, including 13 children, were killed and more
than 4,500 sustained serious injuries e.g.:
        Three million children are endangered in our country as a result
of war and bombardment by NATO criminals.
        After these barbarian attacks hundreds of thousands citizens have
been exposed to poisonous gasses which can have a lasting consequences on the
health of the entire population and the environment.
        After the demolition of the Petrovaradin bridge, Novi Sad and
Petrovaradin were cut of water supply (600 000 citizens) since the main
and city pipeline was constructed into the bridge. About one million 
citizens in our country are short of water supply due to the bombardment
of NATO aggressors.
About 500 000 workers became jobless due to the total destruction of
industrial facilities all around the country. Two million citizens have no
means for living and cannot ensure the minimum for existence.
        Overall material damage is enormous. Preliminary estimates
indicate that barbaric air strikes of the neo-fashist NATO alliance, since
the beginning of the unprovoked aggression on the FR of Yugoslavia, on industrial,
commercial and civil facilities and structures throughout our peace-loving
country, have incurred damages in excess of 10 billion dollars. In the
territory of the northern province of Vojvodine alone, damages have been
estimated in excess of 3,5 billion dollars.

        T R A F F I C

THe road and railway networks, especially road and rail bridges, most of
which were destroyed or damaged beyond repair, suffered extensive
destruction. The targets of attacks were such  communications as:...

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