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In Belgrade your name is Nobody. The Spagghetti Westerns were only a picknick

Target: The Milosevic residence

          Laser-guided bombs hit what U.S. military officials described
as a "presidential command post." The West denied that the attack
was an attempt to assassinate the Serb leader.

Target: TV/Media office building in central Belgrade

"I live 100 meters (about 110 yards) away from the Serb TV headquarters.
At 2:06AM, we were sitting in our room, talking....
Then we saw somebody falling from the second floor. We saw a man who was
hanging upside down from the first, or second floor, I dunno. His head was
all covered in blood. His legs were literary crushed by the concrete
block. People were running around dripping with blood.  Fire and smoke all
over the place. Blood could be seen everywhere. A real massacre.
Then a friend of mine shouted "This man is dead!!" 
    - Marija Mitrovic, downtown Belgrade         

        "We are targeting the military infrastructure that supports the
instruments of oppression in Kosovo . . . we are not targeting
President Milosevic or the Serb people," a Pentagon spokesman

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