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NATO bombs START II to death too

WASHINGTON, April 21 (Itar-Tass) - Aleksey
Arbatov, deputy head of the Duma Committee for Defence, who is staying in
Washington at the invitation of the U.S. Atlantic Council, said in an
exclusive interview with Tass on Tuesday [20 April], that "the NATO
aggression against Yugoslavia has buried hopes for the ratification by
the Russian State Duma of the START-2 treaty on the reduction of
strategic offensive armaments." During his meetings with the American
public, with representatives of the U.S. legislative and executive
authorities, he told them about Russia's attitude to the developments in
Yugoslavia and warned about most negative consequences of the bombing for
relations between Washington and Moscow.

"The START-2 treaty is dead," he said, adding, that it was the direct
result of the actions, taken by the U.S. and NATO. Aleksey Arbatov
believes that "in many respects, the damage inflicted on Russian-American
relations by the aggression against Yugoslavia is irreparable, at least
in the foreseeable future." "I do hope that our negotiations with the
U.S. on the problem of strategic armaments will be resumed, but it is
difficult for me to imagine how the Duma will get back now to the

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