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forward planning - but not for Albanians

MACEDONIA, Apr. 14 - A story buried deep inside Apr. 14 edition of the
Street Journal provided a proof that the Kosovo war was NOT caused by the
Serbs; that it had been a carefully planned and premeditated case of NWO
imperialism, carried out by Bill Clinton for the benefit of the American
"death merchants" and their hanger-oners in other industries.

John Heard, formerly a major in the US Army, who now serves as the
Macedonia country manager for the U.S. energy, services and construction
group, Brown & Root Services company, said that "the U.S. Army had
instructed him to build a military infrastructure in Macedonia that can
operate for three to five years."  Brown & Root is a subsidiary of the
Dallas-based Halliburton Co., which has a five-year, almost $1 billion
"life cycle management" contract to support the U.S. Army in the region.

Never mind that FYR Macedonia has never formally acceded to this.  Never
mind that the Macedonian people generally resent the sudden presence of
these foreign troops on their soil.  The U.S. Army, masquerading under the
NATO face mask, has evidently moved into Macedonia and is there to stay.
For at least three to five years, according to the Journal.

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