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from Michel Chossudovky

"...The financing of the Kosovo guerilla war poses critical questions and
sorely test claims of an "ethical" foreign policy. Should the West back a
guerilla army that appears to partly financed by organised crime." 1

While KLA leaders were shaking hands with US Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright at Rambouillet, Europol (the European Police Organization based
in the
Hague) was "preparing a report for European interior and justice ministers
on a
connection between the KLA and Albanian drug gangs."2 In the meantime, the
rebel army has been skilfully heralded by the global media (in the months
preceding the NATO bombings) as broadly representative of the interests of
ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

With KLA leader Hashim Thaci (a 29 year "freedom fighter") appointed as
negotiator at Rambouillet, the KLA has become the de facto helmsman of the
peace process on behalf of the ethnic Albanian majority and this despite
links to the drug trade. The West was relying on its KLA puppets to
rubber-stamp an agreement which would have transformed Kosovo into an
territory under Western Administration.

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