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Kosovo genocide?

the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), a
security organization whose members stretch from Vancouver to
Vladivostok. Keith, a long-time worker in international security teams,
participated in the OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission to monitor a peace
agreement negotiated between the Yugoslav government and the KLA. The
peace agreement quickly fell apart when, in Keith^“s opinion, the KLA
violated the peace agreement and began conducting terrorist attacks and
killing policemen in order to provoke the Yugoslav authorities.

Keith was in Kosovo until March 20th when the OSCE^“s 1300 observers were
quickly withdrawn a few days before NATO began its bombing campaign.
Keith reported that during his time in Kosovo, he saw no signs of
genocide or ethnic cleansing. There were no signs of religious
fundamentalism, and ethnic Serbs and Albanians were coexisting
peacefully, albeit with some minor problems. However, he did observe
political leaders exploiting nationalism and culture to turn Kosovo into
^”a world gone mad.^‘ Keith reported that there were some civilians being
displaced because of terrorism, but, ^”there was no mass humanitarian
problems until NATO bombs came down.^‘

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