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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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World indicators on the environmentWorld Energy Statistics - Time SeriesEconomic inequality
Adjustment, Globalization and Social Development:
Structural Adjustment, Global Integration and Social Democracy
Economic Restructuring, Coping Strategies and Social Change: Implications for Institutional Development in Africa
Emerging Mass Tourism in the South: Reflections on the Social Opportunities and Costs of National and Regional Tourism in Developing Countries
Globalization and Civil Society: NGO Influence in International Decision-Making
Democracy, Violence and Emancipatory Movements: Notes for a Theory of Inversionary Discourse
Gender and Urban Social Movements: Women's Community Responses to Restructuring and Urban Poverty
Their Choice or Yours: Global Forces or Local Voices?
Ethnicity and Development: The Case of Fiji
Pakistan: Ethno-Politics and Contending Elites
Citizens, Local Government and the Development of Chicago's Near South Side
Our Home is a Slum: An Exploration of a Community and Local Government Collaboration in a Tenants' Struggle to Establish Legal Residency in Janata Squatters Colony, Mumbai, India
Authoritarian Rule and Democracy in Africa: A Theoretical Discourse
Economic Reform and Citizen Entitlements in Eastern Europe: Some Social Implications of Structural Adjustment in Semi-Industrial Economies
E.T.A. et la violence politique au Pays Basque espagnol
Italian Political Violence, 1969-1988: The Making and Unmaking of Meanings
The Lebanese Shi'a and Political Violence
Understanding South African Political Violence: A New Problematic?
Restructuring and the New Working Classes in Chile: Trends in Waged Employment, Informality and Poverty, 1973-1990
Transition to What?: Cambodia, UNTAC and the Peace Process
The Social Impacts of Light Weapons Availability and Proliferation
Affluence, Poverty and the Idea of a Post-Scarcity Society
Religion, Fundamentalism and Ethnicity: A Global Perspective
Passing the Buck: Structural Adjustment and the Nigerian Urban Informal Sector
Food Security in Cambodia: A Preliminary Assessment
Economic Crisis, Structural Adjustment and the Coping Strategies of Manufacturers in Kano, Nigeria
Bargaining for Survival: Unionized Workers in the Nigerian Textile Industry
Au-delà de la régulation étatique - La gouvernance du marché informel de la santé : Cas des médicaments au Zaïre
Policy Dialogue and Gendered Development: Institutional and Ideological Constraints
Democratization, Equity and Stability: African Politics and Societies in the 1990s
Gendered Poverty and Social Change: An Issues Paper